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    Beachfront Homes for sale in Charleston SC | Waterfront homes in Charleston South Carolina.
    Oceanfront villas for sale, and beachfront condos in Charleston SC.

    charleston sc waterfront houses for sale
  • Beachfront homes for sale Charleston SC

    Popular Real Estate Communities Listings on Charleston SC MLS

    • Mount Pleasant SC
    • Downtown Charleston SC
    • Sullivan’s Island
    • Isle of Palms SC
    • Kiawah Island SC
    • James Island
    • Daniel Island
    • Entire Tri-County Area
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    Real Estate For Sale Property Types in Charleston SC

    • Beachfront Homes & Villas
    • Waterfront - Riverfront Homes
    • Luxury High-end Real Estate
    • Golf Course Homes
    • Luxury High Rise Condos
    • Houses Gated Communities
    • Townhouses & Condos
    • Ranch & Single Story

Waterfront Homes for Sale Charleston SC Area:

Beachfront Houses, Oceanfront Villas, Beachfront Condos, and Deep Water Homes with Docks:

Waterfront homes for sale in the Charleston SC area can come in many shapes and sizes. From large mansions on the harbor, luxury waterfront high-rise condos, small beachfront villas on Kiawah, Seabrook, or Wild Dunes, to your everyday suburban neighborhood on the river with a deep water dock and boat lift. Whatever it is you are looking for this Charleston SC realtor can help you find the waterfront home of your dreams. Unfortunately, properties like this start at usually $350,000, so if you are one of those people searching for a beachfront homes or condos for $100,000; it DOES NOT exist in the Charleston SC area. Most of the islands like Sullivan’s Island, Daniel Island, Isle of Palms, Kiawah, Seabrook and Folly Beach have condos and villas on the water or on the ocean, and the ones on oceanfront start at $350k+ if you are lucky. Occasionally there are actual single family homes for sale on Edisto Beach or Folly Beach oceanfront just under $1Million that can be scooped up.

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Communities With Waterfront & Beachfront Homes For Sale:

Homes for sale in Downtown Charleston SC differ greatly as one can imagine with most real estate. However, since Charleston SC is considered one of the most historic cities in the entire United States there are some things that must be considered when in the market for purchasing property or a house in the Downtown Charleston SC. One, homes for sale in Downtown Charleston SC can be as old as two hundred years or more, and even on the National Historic registry, and when looking to buy a historic house you must be aware of the limitations regarding changing the structure. Also, something to consider is the cost of owning these homes, and they don’t have to be 200 or even 100 yrs old for it to make large difference. The insurances are much higher with an older over even 50 yrs old, than a standard home. Real estate downtown Charleston SC also have higher taxes, and higher utility costs because they weren’t built with the same standards of today with energy efficiency in mind. Prices range from $100,000 for a very small and probably falling apart old home, to well over $19 and $20 Million for luxury high-rise penthouse condos, waterfront homes and large historic mansions. There are approximately 10 little communities within downtown called boroughs. The most expensive boroughs being Ansonborough and the French Quarter. As with many urban cities parking comes at a premium and can have an effect on the price of a home depending on the parking situation. If it has off street or on street, and garages are very rare in downtown. So many people who look for homes in downtown Charleston often consider condos, as they provide covered parking, and with storage coupled with the convenience of being well built and well maintained for those who don’t care to do yard work, and upkeep.

Mount Pleasant SC real estate for sale is like your average run of the mill suburbia community, but considering the town is very close to the ocean poses it’s own set of risks that one must take into account before buying. Houses for sale in Mount Pleasant SC consist of luxury waterfront homes, riverfront homes with docks on deep water, new construction and marshfront with great views. However, these homes come with high prices, steep taxes, and even more costly insurance(s). Most of all of Charleston SC area is in a flood zone, but there are plenty homes that aren’t so don’t get scared about flood insurance in Charleston. Another thing to think about when wanting to purchase homes in Mount Pleasant SC is wind and hail insurance. Unlike other non-coastal areas, living this close to a hurricane prone coast requires much more extensive insurance coverage then you’d be used to in say the midwest. Some types of  Homes for sale in Mount Pleasant SC you’d expect are $100,000s for a condo, gated golf course neighborhoods starting in the $400ks, highrise condos starting in the $500ks, and usually there is plenty of new construction in Mt Pleasant to be had since the town is one of the area’s most popular destinations.

The real estate for sale on Daniel Island SC is similar to that of Mt Pleasant SC in that they both offer the comforts of American suburbia. However, Daniel Island homes for sale usually are about 10% higher in cost than in Mount Pleasant, and Mount Pleasant is about 10% higher in price than James Island, Johns Island and West Ashley. Daniel Island is a nice quaint community with a small neighborhood feel. There are plenty of parks, it has its own schools, restaurants, and amenities. There are golf course homes on Daniel Island for sale, which as you can imagine come with the expense of a private membership and isn’t public. Waterfront homes for sale on Daniel Island are also available starting at $300k+ for small condos to well over $5 Million for a large home with a dock.  There is always a good amount of new construction on Daniel Island to choose from as well if you don’t want a pre-lived in home.

When talking homes for sale on Isle of Palms SC you have to break it down into homes for sale in Wild Dunes resort and the real estate on Isle of Palms not in the gated resort. If you purchase a home not inside the gate, as you can imagine it’s a little cheaper because you don’t have to pay additional membership, and community fees associated with the resort.  Of course as you can imagine there are many oceanfront homes and beachfront condos on Isle of Palms that all come with fairly hefty price tags. Usually with the lowest starting at $300k+ for a very small condos in Wild Dunes. There are 20 little small off-shoot developments in Wild Dunes consisting of villas and condos for vacation rental or for sale throughout the year. Then there are the single family houses for sale on Isle of Palms and Wild Dunes. The two Wild Dunes golf courses have homes for sale, homes on marsh, houses on riverfront with docks, and small older ranch style homes built in the 70’s and 80’s. Most single family residences on the Isle of Palms not inside the gated resort will begin at the lowest end around $600k for a small old ranch and then well over $5 Million for oceanfront large homes. Just like in Mt Pleasant, anything this close to the ocean regardless of where on Isle of Palms has to take into account the ever present risk of hurricanes and flooding so there is much more expense to be careful of as it pertains to insurances necessary to live on the island.

Homes for sale on Sullivans Island are to put it short and sweet are expensive and hard to come by. Not as expensive as Kiawah Island or Downtown, Sullivan’s Island real estate is rarely sold, and the island is small so the homes hold their value. There aren’t really condos or townhouses to speak of on Sullivan’s Island, but there are some gorgeous houses for sale. Sullivan’s Island was once considered one of the most pricey places to buy homes in the U.S. per capita and size of the town. There isn’t usually much under $700,000 on the island for sale because there are so few small properties. Even those are above $400k for sq ft under 1000 sq ft. As you can gather, waterfront homes for sale on Sullivan’s Island come at a premium, and so do lots for sale on Sullivan’s simply because property inventory is limited and rare to come to market. There are a lot of older homes on Sullivan’s so when considering to purchase there you kind of have to be prepared in some instances to take what you can get and be prepared as well to fix the house up the way you want it. Many who buy homes on Sullivan’s do huge renovations, or just build new all together. As with most small island towns the residents are very protective of the quaint, quiet, and simple lifestyle that Sullivan’s Island provides you. There are only a few restaurants on the island, and aside from the tourists that come to the beaches the island is pretty laid back.

Houses for sale on James Island SC (as called by locals) is really considered Charleston by the post office. However, to us locals James Island is a great little island situated kind of between downtown, West Ashley and Folly Beach. Your everyday humdrum suburbia community James Island has a lot of older homes because it’s an older Charleston community. There are some new construction on James Island popping up each year as owners sell their land to developers. A little cheaper than Mount Pleasant the other popular suburban area of Charleston SC, homes for sale in James Island range from the $200s to over $2 Million for large waterfront and riverfront homes. There are also some smaller and cheaper condos for under $200,000 if you don’t mind living in an apartment style environment.  

Kiawah Island Real Estate is some of the most exclusive, gorgeous, and pristine properties in America and the prices reflect it. Considered by many to be “The Hamptons” of the south Kiawah is gated, well maintained, and comprised mostly of second, third and fourth homes for the very wealthy. Containing 6 stunning golf courses including the famed Ocean Course homes for sale on Kiawah Island usually begin at nothing less than $350k for a small condo/villa and go up to $20 Million for large oceanfront homes. There are other waterfront homes on Kiawah, Golf course homes on Kiawah, lots for building new construction, and more affordably priced villas and condos for those not looking to spend an arm and a leg. Be aware that there are extra expenses above and beyond with living on such a palatial gated Island resort like Kiawah. There are hefty membership dues, transfer fees, regime, and HOA dues that go along with the homes on Kiawah. Also, Kiawah was designed to be a “get away” for the uber wealthy who only care to come in for a week or two, play golf, bike, walk on the beach and then leave. So there isn’t a lot to do in the way of activities, and there aren’t many places to go. In fact there are only a few restaurants in and around the resort. Kiawah and Seabrook Islands (the sister island) are both about 45 mins from downtown Charleston down a 20 drive on the main road in. Furthermore, there isn’t any medical facilities close if that is a consideration for you.  Very much comprised mostly of luxury homes for sale Kiawah isn’t for the people looking to be out and about, but enjoy the tranquility of nature, and relaxation.

Homes for sale on Folly Beach can give you that fun beach bum kind of lifestyle some prefer over the more laid back and relaxing beach communities such as Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms. Folly Beach is known locally as being the beach where you go when you want to get just a little more crazy, have places to go, things to do, and be a little less reserved. It’s the beach where surfers and the youthful go to enjoy fun in the sun. Just on the other side of James Island it’s where beachgoers who live on James Island and in West Ashley usually go because it’s closer. There are condos on Folly Beach for sale, waterfront homes on Folly Beach, and a few lots for building new homes.   Just like living on any of the islands there are considerations that one has to think of when it comes to expense related to insurances since Folly Beach is on the ocean. The houses for sale on Folly Beach are a little more affordable than IOP and Sullivan’s Island, and probably a little older as well. Many of them will need updating and improvements. Prices start at $280ks for condos to over $2 Million for Folly Beach oceanfront homes. There are a few nice and fun bars with nightlife and restaurants on Folly Beach that serve seafood, sandwiches, and even a taco restaurant.