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Downtown Charleston SC has some amazing condo buildings, waterfront condos and condos not in large traditional multi-story dwellings. Condos in Charleston consist of two main types. The standard “high-rise” style, although they really aren’t your average high-rise condos because they aren’t allowed to be very tall as compared to large non-historic cities. Lastly, those condos that were created out of cutting up very large historic homes into different multi-unit buildings. As time moved on from the days of having 10 and 15 thousand sq ft homes, it wasn’t practical to have such a large home, so beginning in the 1900s these large historic mansions in downtown Charleston SC began getting divided into smaller condo units and sold separately. Luckily that makes it possible for more people to afford owning property downtown. As far as “high-rises” are concerned, or shall we say more specifically “medium” rise buildings we have some gorgeous ones to choose from. Built because as with most metropolitan cities there is lack of available space and dirt so you have to build up vs out. We about 9 large condo buildings to choose from downtown Charleston SC. The luxury condo buildings are Prioleau St, 1 Vendue Range, Anson House, Factors Walk (5 Middle Atlantic Wharf), The Peoples Building (18 Broad St), and Dockside. Don’t get me wrong the others are beautiful as well and very well appointed however, those are the most expensive. Primarily because of their location.

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waterfront condos for sale downtown charleston sc

Downtown Charleston Homes For Sale

Houses for sale in Downtown Charleston require the help of an experienced Realtor who knows how to help you find for the best property and look out for the complex details that come with living in an historic home.

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Downtown Charleston Market Stats

The real estate market for home sale in downtown Charleston SC obviously varies with economic conditions, but these the two different zip codes: 290401 and 29403 can have large differences as well.

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The Renaissance Condos

Also located just on the other side of the Ravenel Bridge as well, The Renaissance was Mt Pleasant’s first luxury high-rise condo development.

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The Tides Condos

The Tides are some of Charleston’s Best high-rise luxury condos. Just on the other side of the bridge in Mt Pleasant SC The Tides are spectacular.

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